Efficiency is one of Reykjavik Energy Group’s core values, and one that is particularly applicable to the company's finances. Financial objectives are pursued to ensure the following for Reykjavik Energy Group and its subsidiaries:

  • Solid finances.
  • Operation with an acceptable level of risk.
  • Provision of services at a fair price.
  • Ability to pay dividends to their owners.

On the basis of its sound finances, Reykjavik Energy Group, which is entirely owned by municipalities, supports the UN's Sustainable Development Goal No. 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Tax footprint

KPMG has compiled RE Group's tax footprint for the year 2021. The tax footprint consists of taxes that are charged to the Group's operations and the taxes that the companies within it collect and pay to the state, municipalities and pension funds.

In the year 2021, RE's tax footprint amounted to ISK 8,699 million. KPMG's report (in Icelandic) is attached.