Innovation and Development Climate Projects

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Reykjavik Energy Group has been at the forefront of innovation and development on climate and environmental issues for the past decade. Among successful projects are:

  • Reducing carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide emissions at the Hellisheidi and Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Plant by turning these geothermal gases into stone (see video below).
  • Collaboration with the Swiss company Climeworks regarding cleaning and sequestration of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at Hellisheidi.
  • Preparing the energy change in transport by installing charging stations for electric vehicles (EV).

Many of these successful projects have led to further developments and innovations. This work is being conducted in accordance with multiple collaboration agreements and programmes with universities, in the field of science and technology, domestically and internationally. Indeed, collaboration between the business sector and the academic community has often been a platform for turning ideas into concrete projects, useful for the economy.

Examples of promising projects of this kind, already launched by Reykjavik Energy Group:

  • Zero carbon footprint from geothermal energy.
  • Development of carbon sequestration at Sorpa biogas- and composting plant, using the Carbfix method.
  • Energy change in transport and hydrogen production at Hellisheidi.
  • Deep drilling.
  • Managing induced seismicity.
  • More effective utilisation of low-temperature fields.
  • Water quality and better overview of water distribution.
  • Development of the utilisation of biodegradable sewage waste.