Queries to Service Desk

In 2021, the shared service centre of Reykjavik Energy Group's subsidiaries Veitur Utilities, ON Power, Reykjavik Fibre Network, and Carbfix, received a little over 148 thousand queries. This was a slight increase from 2020. The majority of the queries were from customers who were remitting their meter readings, followed by inquiries and miscellaneous issues regarding billing. In the graph, inquiries are divided according to subject. Suggestions or complaints regarding environmental issues are presented separately in the annex below. Also included is information regarding notifications, and their reasons, to regulators.

Probably, the implemetation of smart-metering, which began in 2021, will significantly reduce the need for customer inquiries regarding their respective use. These were 37% of communication with customer service in 2021. Systematic efforts are being made, in parallel with the replacement of older meters, to ensure that customers' self-service is responsive and effective.

Collaboration with regulators, stakeholders, and customers of Reykjavik Energy Group is important to its employees, as it draws attention to, and puts emphasis on, the most important issues. An example of that would be regular meetings with regulators, and Reykjavik Energy Group's use of social media.

Queries to service desk