S3 Employee Turnover

Number of permanent employees at end of 2021

Reykjavik Energy closely monitors staff turnover in the Group with regard to, among other things, age and gender. There has been a correlation between the economic situation and staff turnover, so that in times of crisis the number of people changing jobs decreases. Yet, despite the economic downturn due to the corona virus pandemic, the trend in many parts of the West has been to see an increase in staff turnover. The pandemic and the many absences from the workplace that have accompanied it therefore seem to have a greater impact on staff turnover than the economic downturn. Staff turnover in 2021 was slightly higher in 2020, with a greater rise among women than among men. The pandemic may also have had an impact there, but it has affected domestic life as well, since women are more likely to bear greater responsibility than men. OR does not assume a priori that the pandemic is the principal factor behind this, and has therefore launched a special survey to determine why an unusual number of people chose to retire from the companies in 2021.

A negligible part of Reykjavik Energy Group employees are less than 100% employed. Therefore, staff turnover is not calculated specifically for that group.

Employee turnover

Employee turnover, quit of their own accord